created by Emily Ritger


project description:

The Day Krissy LeDuke Fell Through the Ice and Pig Day are two parts of a working trilogy called Aurora Road. Pig Day centers on the everyday normalcy of death on a farm, following a young girl's’ exploits from the slaughterhouse to trapping pesky vermin to the effects those deaths have on the world and those left behind. The Day Krissy LeDuke Fell Through the Ice is the roadmap of one girl’s journey from rural Wisconsin to the other side of the moon. With the agrarian landscape as the cornerstone, this project explores the philosophy and religion inherent in nature and living off the land, and the cyclical birth and death inherent in life on a farm.

development log:

  • Chicago Midwife Reading November 5, 2017

  • Upcoming Chicago Midwife Reading April 2018

inspiration board: