Anne Walaszek



Anne is an artist living in Chicago who mostly makes theatre. She is a generally curious person, so her array of vast interests include the Bog People of Germany, socioeconomic patterns, couture fashion, public policy for the internet, climate change, intersectional feminism and labyrinths. Anne went to a small school in Wisconsin that you have not heard of. Anne has worked as an actor, director, playwright, and costumer both in Chicago and regionally, but has lately been the Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago. Occasionally, she facilitates the post-show discussions at Writers Theatre. Other projects include a multi-media event she is co-producing with friend and longtime companion, Chris Sheard that they are tentatively titling, “Our Wedding.”


  • Talking about how we talk about ourselves
  • Maintaining records and databases
  • Being sure we are recording conversations
  • Retaining to-do lists
  • Refilling tissue boxes
  • Eating those thin, wafer crackers that Emily makes


  • Chicago


1113 S Elmwood Street - A cross-media project based on her grandparents’ house.