Founding Midwife


Aliza Bartfield is a playwright and fiction writer from New York, currently based in Berlin. With a Master in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, her work is focused on experimental forms of fiction. Her collection of short stories, Borough Stories, includes works about a range of characters from various background who all live in, or are escaping from a Brooklyn neighborhood. Her professional background is in progressive political non-profits, including the online magazine, AlterNet where she was a contributing writer. She is currently at work on a new collection of brief fiction. During her time at Sarah Lawrence, she studied extensively with the department of theatre in an investigation into diverse forms of storytelling. It was there that her interest in theatre evolved from observer to playwright and collaborator.


  • Midwiving
  • Being midwived
  • Group feedback
  • Being a productive contrar ian


  • female artists, dead and living
  • language and the impossibility of translation
  • fire