ARTIST OF: Arwen Mitchell

MIDWIFE OF: Cameron Neath


Victoria Johnson is an arts administrator who has lived in Chicago for upwards of ten years. She still considers herself a New Englander but has spent her entire career in Chicago, working first as a freelance production and stage manager for companies such as The Neo-Futurists, The Ruffians, and The Hypocrites until she eventually landed at Lookingglass Theatre Company as the Company Manager. Currently, Victoria works as the Business Manager for the School of Theatre & Music at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Victoria loves traveling, cooking, eating in general, trying new restaurants, going back to old restaurants, and watching movies. Victoria is a cum laude graduate of Lake Forest College with a BA in Theatre Arts.


Emily Bronte / Robert Galbraith / Shirley Jackson / David Fincher / Jonathan Demme



Untitled girl ghost story

In a house that sits at the edge of the woods, Kiki wakes up every night to the same sight: a girl, no older than 13 judging by her cherubic, smooth face and baby fat still clinging even to her ghostly body, is sitting on the foot of her bed. Staring, the girl has eyes that are at once both vacant and full of emotion, as if she is on the verge of speaking but can never quite come to decide what to say. For over a year, the same event occurs night after night. Kiki, growing less and less fearful with each encounter, is on a quest to find out who this girl is – and why exactly she lives in this house.