ARTIST OF: Cassi Schiano

MIDWIFE OF: Emma MacLean


Victoria is an actor and creative living in Chicago, IL. She’s has the wonderful opportunity to work with companies such as The Goodman, Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Broken Nose Theatre, The Artistic Home, and more. She also has a passion for immersive theatre and performs murder mystery shows frequently with the American Immersion Theater Company.
Outside of performing, she enjoys baking, DIY projects, tap dance, and exploring new cities. She's also been learning how to play the fiddle, which has been slow learning process but greatly fulfilling. Her desire to learn never ceases and she is always looking for the next big project. She felt like writing her first full length play might be a good place to start.


strong and powerful women / the changing of the seasons / Barrel-Aged Gin / Reuben Feels… / Katherine Hepburn


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In a bright and cheery wing of a children’s hospital, two teenage girls are forced to share tight quarters while their bodies fight to survive. From the confines of one sterile room, the girls navigate the rough waters of territory, boys, privilege, and friendship as they attempt to redefine normal and discover what living truly means.