she/her/hers, but I don't mind man or dude :)

ARTIST OF: Mekala Sridhar

MIDWIFE OF: Taylor Bailey


Lilli Hokama is a New York based actor/artist/singer, landscaper, bartender, caretaker and whatever else comes up that pays rent. She is a CO native and lover of fresh air and crisp mornings. She is an adventerur, a wonderer, a healer and a lot of other woo-woo sounding things. Lilli is continually seeking novelty and allowing life to take her on a wild and beautiful path. She feels very blessed and honored to be a part of this group of artists, to support each other through their artistic endeavors.


Nature / My friends / Fleetwood Mac / Stromae / Spider webs


hapa feet


I still feel very loose and unsettled in how I will communicate these findings and this life experience, but this is as succinct as I could do for now :)