ARTIST OF: Paul Kite

MIDWIFE OF: Catie O'Keefe


Kristina a multi-disciplinary theatre artist based in New York City. She specializes in directing, devising, and performing. Her work primarily combines disparate source text with multimedia technology and choreography, in order to challenge theatrical expectation. Inspired by her southern upbringing, her work examines and re-evaluates the past in order to explore the fine line between accepted truth and fabricated lies, especially when connected to female narratives. Her work has premiered at Sarah Lawrence College, Dyckman Farmhouse Museum, Dixon Place, and The Secret Theatre in New York City. As a teaching artist in Westchester County NY, she has taught grades pre-K to undergraduate. She first received her BA from University of North Carolina Wilmington in both Theater Performance and English Literature in 2015. She then completed her MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College in 2017.


Caryl Churchill / Phyllida Lloyd / Jackie Sibblies Drury / William Shakespeare / Margaret Atwood / Kate Chopin / Judi Dench / Maggie Smith


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Cover Up

How do archaeology, makeup, and the South connect? Delving into personal history, COVERUP is an exploration of past and new narratives and how the two collide to create the present. What is our personal narrative and how do we begin the overwhelming quest to find our place in the world?

Welcome to my excavation.

This piece originated as my solo thesis performance at Sarah Lawrence College. It began as an excavation into my journey during my MFA program over the course of two years. So often, I was told that my studies at Sarah Lawrence were about "finding your voice." And so often I was (and continue to be!) intensely frustrated by the difficulty of this task. How do you "find your voice" if your voice has thus far always been obscured and buried by society, family, and even yourself?

Now, I revisit this piece to uncover the moments of truth and also add new material as I continue my exploration into my own personal history and position in today's world.