Daydreaming and editing into the 2018...


BERLIN, DE - If I had to recommend a time of year to receive feedback from the Midwives it would be now, as the year draws to a close and I, like most humans (I imagine) am contending with the past year and thinking about all that's to come in the next. It is proving to be an encouraging experience -- sliding into the new calendar year with a nascent (6ish months old) project that has exclusively been driven forward by the midwife/ artist relationship/ process.

And on a related and unrelated note, and because this is something I once said I might commit to paper, I'll share here the story of how a lobster grows. Which I believe to be related to both this specific process and all artistic processes...and in fact, any process which involves any kind of growth. Which I believe should be pretty much the process, or at least the undercurrent, of everyday life.

My rudimentary understanding of how a lobster grows is through a series of discomforts. And this is something I heard or read somewhere once...and wish I could credit but can't bring it to mind. Essentially the soft, living stuff of a lobster is consistently growing within it's hard, exterior shell. And as anyone who has tried to wear a too tight, too stiff garment at any point in life can attest, that becomes increasingly less bearable and comfortable.  But because they can't just shed their hard shell and expose themselves to the world (relatable) they actually have to get even less comfortable and make their space even tighter by growing a medium shell in between themselves and their hard exterior. If they didn't do this they literally would not be able to grow...and I have absolutely no scientific authority on any of this but in my fantasy version of it, they would shrivel up inside their hard exterior and die if they 'chose' not to make themselves uncomfortable in the service of growth. I think the comparison to the artistic process is fairly obvious.


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